About us

LANDSVILLE is a brand-new property development company that specialises mainly in land and
multi units developments. The company was founded by a group of like-minded builders and
developers. We worked closely with land owners and investors to secure land development sites
across Victoria with aim to build and sell to the retail market both in local and overseas.

We have our own inhouse sales team, project managers and builders to deliver projects from the
initial land assessment, land acquisition, planning, architectural designing, construction, and
Our extensive technical expertise and efficiency in property development provides the foundation
for effective project leadership and allow us to respond to changing market conditions and
implement developments across a wide range of product types and scale, quickly and effectively.

The company’s main aim is to provide quality properties in Victoria which are a profitable
investment while being a place which is appreciated for its design, comfort and maximum space

We are currently responsible for over million of millions worth of land development sites in victoria
and anticipate to double in the following year.
The success of our organization lies completely with our employees. Our highly qualified,
extremely dedicated, experienced and talented professionals who aim at achieving client
satisfaction and building long term relationships with of all our stakeholders. Every aspect of our
enterprise is well organized and headed by experts. We encourage employee initiative and
believe in open sharing of ideas. Our team is focused on providing properties which suit customer
requirements and timely completion of the projects.